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Dr. Hoffarth passionately lives what he teaches. He understands there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any patient's health. It is imperative to take this approach to achieve and maintain sustainable results.

Dr. Hoffarth doesn't prescribe to a single philosophy, diet, or protocol. Each individual is on a very different spectrum with their functional abnormality and our intervention respects this code in every individual.

Dr. Hoffarth expects and demands full commitment from his patients. Lasting results are otherwise impossible. BioFiT Medicine is a results-oriented practice. Our goal is for you to feel your optimum, reduce your medication reliance over time, develop lifetime good habits, and lower disease-burden in your future.

BioFIT Medicine appreciates that medicine is a dynamic-science constantly changing as our understanding increases. BioFIT Medicine uses Evidence-Based science as its guide.  Most practices are slow to evolve as new sciences emerge. We will make it our daily habit to keep our edge so that will you will always keep yours.  


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We are not a hormone clinic. ​We appreciate the complexity of the human body and we don’t ignore that.

The founder of BioFIT Medicine is a traditionally trained physician, as well as a Functional Medicine physician who understands that isolating the body down to just systems (like we see in today’s traditional specialty care model) is not treating the ’whole' patient. Dr. Hoffarth's advanced training in the most current medical based science & therapies takes the well-known traditional care model to an untraditional level. Most ‘hormone clinics’ focus on hormones only & are run by physicians never trained in whole-body preventative and chronic-care management.