‚Äč1. Have your recent labs either pulled up on your computer, tablet, phone, or print them out. Our office should have emailed them to you prior. If we have not then please let us know and we will send them to you via email.

2. Have your printed DEXA on hand. You should have received a copy of your DEXA at your blood draw appointment.

3. Message Dr. Hoffarth on the patient portal if there are questions you want addressed ahead of time. This allows Dr. Hoffarth to refer back to your messages and also note them on your medical chart.

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As a current patient, you should know that Dr. Hoffarth is fully virtual. If you need him in regards to a medical manner or prescription refills please message him on the patient portal. If you are having trouble logging into your portal, be sure to reset your password. Utilizing the patient portal is paramount and abides with HIPAA confidentiality. 

If you are still having trouble logging into the portal then please call our office 512-297-2386. During times when our office cannot assist you after hours please reach out to us via email, text (833-494-0738), or if you feel that this is an urgent matter please call 911.

Office Phone: (512) 297-2386

Fax: (512) 344-9758

Texting: (833) 494-0738

Email: kristy@biofitmedicine.com



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