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John Malanca, from United Patients Group discusses the impact of stress, life events, nutrition, and cannabis with Dr. Kevin Hoffarth, MD. They later discuss on how Dr. Hoffarth transformed his traditional way of thinking by being in tuned of years worth of research studies in regards to CBD as a physician. Lastly, they touch on immune boosting protocols as the world navigates health with Covid-19 present.

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About Dr. Hoffarth

“When patients commit to their health by retaining me as their physician, they can be certain I have the time, motivation and deep commitment to keep them healthy, active, and vibrant. I understand that you are the patient and I am here to listen to what you have to say, answer your questions and concerns as thoroughly as possible, and I am not satisfied until you are satisfied.” 

– Kevin Hoffarth MD,       IFMCP 

United Patients Group is the leading source of Medical Cannabis News, Information and Research.

Dr. Hoffarth, founder and owner of BioFIT Medicine, is a traditionally trained physician who is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. His background experience and training is only seen by a handful of physicians worldwide. He takes the most current science & therapies of today to an untraditional and unprecedented level by passionately preaching what he teaches - understanding that there is no "one size fits all" approach to any patient's health.

In keeping with this practice, he doesn't prescribe to a single philosophy, diet, or protocol. Each individual is on a very different spectrum with their functional abnormality, thus all require a different approach. With the understanding that isolating the body down to just systems (like we see in today’s traditional specialty care model) is not treating the whole patient, he tailors his treatment plan to each individual patient. This ensures that you are listened to and cared for, not simply seen to treat symptoms. 
A targeted approach requires a level of focus and dedication from the patient. Lasting results are otherwise impossible. BioFIT Medicine is a results-oriented practice, and our goal is for you to feel your optimal self, reduce your medication reliance over time, develop lifetime good habits, and lower disease-burden in your future. Complexity is not required to be a patient; he sees the more bread-and butter cases or the highly complex patient. His goal is simply to help you become your best you.

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