Dr. Kevin Hoffarth graduated from medical school in 2000, and completed his family medicine residency at Creighton University in 2003. In his first ten years as a family physician, he worked in every area of medicine possible; from births to deaths and everything in between. During those years in the trenches, he realized that how he was taught to approach the ailments of his patients could be vastly improved upon. It was then that he decided to embark on a medical journey to seek out and learn the new philosophies and ways of more effectively treating 21st century medical issues.

In his book, Dr. Hoffarth guides us through the knowledge he has gathered across this journey, his 7 years of experience implementing what he learned along the way, and the appreciation he has gained towards the ties that bind us all. He will walk you through his application of treating the 5 “S.T.A.M.P” triggers, along with his basic principles on tackling illness, building discipline, and learning how to be your best self both physically and mentally. In a world filled with conflicting advice, a constant flow of new information, and the common practice of treating symptoms over illness, Dr. Hoffarth brings us the most basic starting points to healing- cutting over the noise and confusion plaguing the patients of the medical world.

functional medicine: the new standard

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