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BioFIT Medicine's philosophy is simple: we want to help you become a better human. We are not purists on any given medical philosophy. Why? By 2020, medical research doubled every 72-days. This reality necessitates that one's philosophy be open-minded, flexible, and pursued with a heart of a student first and foremost.

BioFIT Medicine demands that the "basics" are made whole from the beginning, requiring you to be equally as involved in learning more about YOU as we are. The foundation of BioFIT Medicine is grounded within the Functional Medicine matrix of thinking. This philosophy addresses the underlying cause for your dysfunction and disease to literally "reverse engineer" your current state of health. We place you on a path of rapid healing and improved resilience in body, mind, and your higher self.

It can not be emphasized enough that we are a highly adaptable practice that engages and pulls from many of the best science-based medical philosophies of today. We embraces the imbedded knowledge in aging medical research, cell biology, nutrition, meditative practices, peptide therapy, hormone replacement, energy medicine, and epigenetic research.

BioFIT Medicine was created to be a safe and opportunistic space. We offer patient-centered, not disease-centered,  medical guidance. This is meant to empower you and make you the best human you were meant to be so that you may go forth and offer your gifts to the world around you.